Monday, 6 Dec 2021

Man shouts ‘holy hecka’ through flooded crossing to meet 6 crocodiles in water

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A driver has had a hell of a ride when he drove through a flooded crossing to find not just one, but six deadly saltwater crocodiles in the water.

Ben Vile, from Australia, was trying to navigate his way through the notorious Cahills Crossing, which is known to be one of the country's deadliest bodies of water, in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory.

A number of fatal incident took place when people tried to make their way through the crossing and were attacked by the apex predators.

In the video shared to ABC Darwin, Ben films his perilous journey while driving a jeep at night.

Right before he gets into the water, he spots one crocodile casually sitting on the road in front of his car.

As he approaches, the beast moves and swims past his vehicle.

When he reaches the mid point, he finds another five salties lurking in the water, blocking his way out.

Ben says: "Holy hecka! Holy hecka!"

He scares the giant reptiles by honking at them and he drives slowly past them.

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Some viewers poked fun at Ben's situation, with one calling the crocodiles "speed bumps" on the road.

One said: "I would reverse and leave really quickly. You wouldn't want to break down in the middle."

Another penned: "Suppose it’s the same problem that we had when visiting Scotland. Sheep everywhere. Sheep sat in the roadway and refused to move at all.

"Not quite the same at all really is it?"

"Well, that's freaking terrifying," a third added. "Also definitely wouldn't try this in my little Corolla."

The crossing is covered in water when high tides come in and the water flow is strong enough to overturn vehicles, and it serves as a feeding ground for saltwater crocodiles.

One of the most tragic incidents at Cahills Crossing happened in 1987, when 40-year-old Kerry McLoughlin was decapitated by a crocodile as he fished in the river.

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