Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

Man thrown out of Disney World after sneaking into Cinderella Castle

A tourist who decided to climb the iconic Cinderella Castle quickly saw himself getting chucked out of Disney World after staff called for security.

Video taken inside the Magic Kingdom park of the Florida theme park on September 15 shows a man in black T-shirt and light-coloured shorts walking at the balcony area in the centre of the castle.

As he parades in front of the park goers, a cast staff approaches and signals the man to leave the area.

Disney fan Shannon, who recorded the clip, said: "We saw a guy just walk up onto the castle. Someone's in trouble."

She then explained in a second video: "We saw him near the gate to where you can climb up on and a cast member was telling him not to go up there. But then I guess he just did it anyway.

"The guy went up there and did a little princess wave. The cast member had to go find another cast member because he didn't have a radio. The lady cast member came over and started calling security on her radio so he got a little scared.

"He started walking down. Once he got down, he sort of walked past the cast members and started going about his day again.

"We don't know what happened after that but I have a feeling that security tracked him down later and he got into trouble.

"I hope it was worth it for him, at lease he got one little video of him waving goodbye to Disney forever."

One viewer who happened to visit Disney World on the same day also witnessed the incident.

"He had like three to five security guards around him and was talking to one," she said.

Some suggested the man is a popular Argentina influencer and they found a picture of him in Disney World wearing the exact clothing.

"He is banned for six months now," Shannon claimed.

Daily Star has contacted Disney World for comment.

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