Monday, 15 Aug 2022

Man who ‘died during hair transplant’ found covered in blood in morgue

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The body of a man who died after an alleged heart attack during a hair transplant has been found covered in blood at a morgue.

Ibrahim Gul, 28, was discovered wrapped in a shroud drenched in blood by a friend at a morgue in Istanbul, Turkey.

Doctors called Mr Gul’s wife to explain her husband's death on Saturday and told her he had died before the routine procedure took place.

She was told he suffered a heart attack before the operation, and doctors were forced to perform an angiography, an X-ray used to check blood vessels, and put in a stent.

The death of Mr Gul is now being treated as suspicious by police and the doctor in charge of the operation has been arrested.

Mr Gul and his family had recently moved to Italy to open up a barbershop.

He was originally in Istanbul to buy barbershop supplies but decided to get hair transplant surgery during the trip from Italy.

Local media reports Mr Gul went to the Medicine Hospital in the Istanbul district of Bagcilar for the operation on Saturday.

Mr Gul's wife, who has not been named, received a call from the hospital saying her husband had passed away as result of a heart attack.

Unable to attend herself, she phoned a friend of her husband, Dilek Ozbek, who he had previously worked with, to go and see the body in the morgue.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Ozbek said: "Ibrahim's wife called me on Saturday at around 5pm. She said that Ibrahim had suffered a heart attack and asked me to go to the hospital to see him.

"I went to see him in the morgue where I found his body wrapped in a shroud [a traditional burial sheet] soaked in blood.

"The hospital said it was a heart attack but that's clearly not true. There was blood everywhere."

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Ahmet Yigit, the dead man's uncle, said: "The hospital told us he had a heart attack. They said they did angiography and put in a stent.

"Whether they performed heart surgery or transplanted hair, nothing is certain. He was a young healthy man."

Istanbul Police are looking into Mr Gul's death and confirmed the doctor in charge of the operation, Mehmet Albayrak, had been detained while the police carry out their investigation.

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