Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021

Man who had part of his brain removed during op says he ‘no longer feels fear’

A man who had part of his brain removed during a potentially-lifesaving operation has revealed he no longer feels fear.

Jody Smith, who previously suffered with regular anxiety, panic attacks and an obsessive fear of death, said he is no longer "afraid" of anything anymore after having surgery to control his epilepsy.

The complex operation meant removing his right amygdala – the part of the brain that controls his flight-or-flight response.

And ever since the procedure, the 32-year-old, from New York City in the US, says he fears nothing.

“When I say I no longer feel ‘fear,’ I am using the word to describe a very unique feeling,” Smith told VICE.

“People describe a lot of things with the word ‘fear’ – like ‘I'm afraid of girls’ or ‘I'm afraid of failure’ – but I'm talking about the fear you'd feel when facing death or serious injury. That's the fear that was removed.”

He added: "My reptilian harm-avoidance has been replaced with a more logical version."

Jody was diagnosed with the condition when he was 26, VICE reports.

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But after his fits began to grow in frequency and severity, doctors advised him to go under the knife – and his transformation has been dramatic.

He was able to avoid getting mugged by a group of men because, he says, “my lack of fear struck them.”

He has also tested his bravery to the limit by walking along cliff edges and other fearsome activities, but nothing he has tried has made him afraid.

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Her family took her to Guangzhou Heping Orthopaedic Hospital and sought medical advice.

Ting Ting's parents were told that their daughter appeared to have polydactyly – where a person has more than five fingers per hand and more than five toes per foot.

In videos and pictures taken by the doctors, the young girl shows her hands in front of the camera – with seven fingers on each hand.

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