Saturday, 27 Nov 2021

Man with face tattoos dubbed ‘world’s scariest villain’ after terrifying mugshot

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A heavily tattooed man in the US has been dubbed the ‘world’s scariest villain’ after his recent mugshot photos.

Michael Campbell, from Missouri, is a repeat offender and known to police due to his very distinctive facial tattoos, and has recently been arrested for allegedly trying to rape a woman as she laid in bed with her sleeping boyfriend.

When the description came in from an alleged rape victim, cops were pretty sure they had Campbell was their man due to his infamous ink.

The Smoking Gun reports he has previously been described as the world’s scariest villain due to his facial artwork.

His tattoos include a pentagram on his forehead and a bow tie on his neck, and a string of mugshots show how his love of tattoos continued to grow over the years.

Campbell now faces charges of trying to rape a woman while she was in bed with her boyfriend, who was asleep at the time.

Police report in their arrest affidavit that the woman said he was an “unknown white male with face tattoos”.

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Campbell allegedly tried to remove the woman’s pants and underwear.

According to documents filed in Greene County, Missouri, Campbell then proceeded to grind his body against hers.

The boyfriend woke up during the incident and chased a man away as he jumped on a blue bicycle to make an escape, it's reported.

A witness said they saw someone “chasing a male with lots of tattoos all over his face and neck”.

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Cops later found Campbell on a gold bicycle after it “appeared to have been freshly painted”.

It was then discovered that blue and purple colours were found under the gold paint on the bicycle, police say.

Campbell denies the allegations and claims the victim made “sexual advances towards him” inside a bathroom.

He said that he “told her no” since he “had a curfew and needed to leave.”

With two previous sex assault charges against him, Campbell could now face life in prison in a ‘three strikes’ system.

He is already a registered sex offender whose previous charges include assault, burglary, grand theft, sexual assault, and escape from custody.

Campbell is now being held in custody on a $100,000 bond in a Missouri county jail while he awaits court next week.

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