Friday, 27 May 2022

Man’s nightmare as he hasn’t closed his eyes for three years after botched op

A pensioner claims botched surgery left him unable to shut his eyes for nearly three years.

Pete Broadhurst, 79, spent £11,000 on a cosmetic procedure to fix his puffy cheeks.

But, even after corrective surgery, his left eye is still permanently open – causing him constant problems.

Pete has to tape his eyes shut when he sleeps and uses drops eight times a day to stop them drying out.

He says he looks “frightening” as his eyes stay open even when he wants to close them.

And he claims his appearance has cost him relationships.

The retired painter and decorator said: “I just want relief. I want to tell others to be careful because it can ruin your life.”

His problems started back in 1959, when a procedure to fix a tooth led to him having enlarged cheeks.

In late 2018, a private hospital quoted him £11,000 for a neck lift, under-eye blepharoplasty and a rhinoplasty that would help reduce his cheeks. The nine-hour procedure took place in January 2019 and he was discharged the next day.

Pete said: “I looked like I’d been beaten up. It was horrendous, and I couldn’t close my eyes.

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“I was being sick all through the night and in my sleep. The day after the surgery, I wished I’d never gone.”

Pete told medics his eyes were sore and watering, but he says they told him it was normal and would pass.

After some months his eyes were not closing fully when he blinked or slept, causing him irritation.

In May 2019 his surgeon arranged free corrective surgery in the form of a skin graft to help the skin in his cheeks meet his eyelids.

But more than two years later, Pete says he still has problems with both eyes.

In a warning about cosmetic surgery Pete, from Four Oaks, Birmingham, added: “My left eye is still open today. Whoever you trust, even a top surgeon, please be careful because it can ruin your life.”

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