Monday, 6 Dec 2021

Meghan could ‘leapfrog’ into political role popular with celebs, says expert

Meghan Markle may be eyeing to enter politics by contesting for a top political role that is likely to become available, claims an expert.

According to the expert, the Duchess of Sussex may be vying to be elected for California's Senate seat, which is currently held by Democrat Dianne Feinstein.

Given that senator Feinstein is 88 years old, it is highly unlikely that she will run again, making this seat an 'attractive option' for the Duchess.

Winning this seat could help "leapfrog" Meghan into the world of US politics by placing herself in an important political position, says US political expert.

Speaking to, Richard Johnson, US politics professor at Queen Mary University, said that the Duchess of Sussex would be eligible for "the key powerful seat".

He said: "If she was truly politically ambitious, the key powerful seat that she would be eligible for would be the key California Senate seat that is currently occupied by Diane Feinstein, who is nearly ninety and is therefore unlikely to stand again.

"If she wanted to follow this track of high profile celebrities leapfrogging to the top office, that senate seat would be a very attractive one for her."

He added that the Duchess would have an advantage in this seat, given California's history of electing celebrities into political office.

He said: “There is some record of celebrity politicians doing pretty well in the US.

"Obviously [Meghan and Harry] are based in California and California has produced Ronald Reagan, who was an actor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was an actor."

He also said that Duchess Meghan's visibility and resources would be a major advantage, particularly for this seat.

He added: "But I do think just being who she is she would start in a fairly good position just because of the name recognition and the kind of money she could get access to for a campaign.

"If she were really serious about it, it would be Dianne Feinstein’s senate seat."

The Duchess of Sussex recently attracted controversy after she sent a letter to Congress lobbying them to provide paid leave for parents, causing speculation that she may soon run for political office.

Mr Johnson described the Duchess's choice to engage in politics as "extraordinary" and "unprecedented".

He said: "It's pretty extraordinary that someone so closely tied to the royal family, which takes a non-partisan role, would engage in such partisan activities, even in another country.

"And that’s pretty unprecedented. It's very unusual what she’s already done, let alone the speculation that she might run for office."

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