Saturday, 27 Nov 2021

Meghan Markle’s bid to become US president may be scuppered by 200-year-old law

Ex-Royal Meghan Markle may be thwarted in her bid to become US President by a 211-year-old law introduced to keep Napoleon’s nephew out of the White House, experts say.

The 40-year-old former actress, who last year quit the monarchy with her ex-squaddie husband Prince Harry to start a new private life in the States, is likely "to one day run for office as the embodiment of the American dream," according to her biographers.

But her presidential bid could be scuppered by an 1810 tweak to the US Constitution called the Titles Of Nobility Amendment.

It states anyone who "accepts, claims, receives or retains a title of nobility bestowed by a foreign power" would be barred from holding federal office.

The clause was introduced after Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother Jérôme married US socialite Elizabeth `Betsy’ Patterson.

Politicians feared their son Jerome Jnr might run for office and the US would become part of the French empire.

Though the foreign nobility amendment was not formally passed at the time it was never thrown out and has remained on the table for more than two centuries.

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Constitutional experts said if it was reintroduced it was likely to pass – thwarting the shy mum-of-two’s run at the White House.

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