Sunday, 2 Oct 2022

Meghan’s podcast delay is to make sure it ‘won’t be kiss of death’, expert says

Meghan Markle has been warned that her entertainment career could be damaged if an upcoming Spotify podcast fails to live up to public expectations.

But an industry expert admits the Sussexes are doing the right thing in taking their time to ensure the project is high quality.

Meghan and Prince Harry signed a multi-year deal with the streaming giant in 2020 and Spotify said Meghan's podcast, Archetypes, would be released this summer – without specifying a date.

However, four months have now passed since the podcast's trailer sparked a frenzy, with a date for the final product still to be announced.

Brand and reputation management expert Eric Schiffer told the Express that he believes the wait is due to the fact the Duke and Duchess want to make sure they are only releasing products of great quality.

To get this first release wrong, the California-based commentator said, could harm their careers in entertainment.

Mr Schiffer does not believe the wait is putting off Meghan's fans, who will continue to be eager to listen to Archetypes whenever she is ready to release it.

Rather, he suggested, it's wise for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's future with Spotify if they take time to polish their products.

He told "I imagine they are working on making sure that it's a product of excellence so that it's not a threat to the survival of their partnership [with Spotify] and it won't be the kiss of death of their entertainment career.

"They are focusing on quality right now."

He continued: "If you try to get a career in entertainment and your shows are bombing, that doesn't help you.

"Nor does it help the partnership with Spotify."

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Mr Schiffer added Meghan will have many people analysing every single detail of her podcast, given her popularity across the globe.

He added: "They are going to be careful and making sure that it is done with quality.

"Her base will be there when it's out."

Meghan and Harry's Spotify partnership will see the pair produce content, through their audio-first production company Archewell Audio, "aimed to uplift and entertain audiences around the world" and "spotlight diverse perspectives and voices".

The Sussexes have so far released only a special holiday episode at the end of December two years ago, during which they reflected on the year just passed.

They also had an array of celebrity guests, including Sir Elton John, sharing their stories and thoughts.

The end of the episode also featured Archie Harrison, the Sussexes' son, wishing listeners a happy new year.

As announced in the spring, Archetypes will "investigate the labels that try to hold women back" and feature historians and experts to "uncover the origin of these stereotypes and have uncensored conversations with women who know all too well how these typecasts shape narratives".

In 2020, Meghan and Harry also signed a deal with Netflix and the Duke is currently working at the docu-series Heart of Invictus.


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