Friday, 9 Jun 2023

Melania Trump ignores coronavirus risk as she HUGS winners at international women awards

The FLOTUS ignored the advice of health officials all over the world who have been suggesting a wave, a pat on the back or even just a look in the eye are safer alternatives than giving handshakes.

To honour women’s courage all over the world, Melania and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hosted the International Women of Courage Awards Wednesday morning, where they made physical contact with all the recipients.

The First Lady was seen shaking hands and even hugging the recipients of the award who have flown in from all over the world.

The first lady shook hands with each and every one of the recipients, and made physical contact in other way or another.

This was done through hugs, shoulder touches, and hand touches despite concerns of the coronavirus outbreak.

Mrs Trump shaking hands and touching the women recipients defies government agencies advice her own husband US President Donald worries of spreading the outbreak.

The top expert on infection diseases at the National Institute of Health said Monday that the levels of coronavirus spread have reached ‘pandemic proportions.’

Health officials and experts are telling people to maintain a healthy distance from people in public, not to shake hands, hug or otherwise touch strangers, to wash hands frequently and claim people should not touch their faces.

New cases in California and New York have risen the death toll in the US to 11.

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There are 158 confirmed cases in the US as of 00:50 GMT.

Although none of the 13 recipients of the award are from high-risk countries, health and immunologist specialists have advised U.S. citizens to stop physical contact with others in public.

Citizens have been advised to instead greet each other using an elbow touch.

Those receiving the award were mostly women from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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The United Arab Emirates, has reported 13 cases across the Middle East and citizens have also been told to avoid physical contact by health experts.

The three high risk countries currently are China, where the virus originated, Italy and South Korea – and none of the recipients were from those countries.

However, Melania’s husband POTUS Donald Trump is well known for his concern surrounding germs.

President Trump recently boasted that he hasn’t touched his face in “weeks”, claiming it was all in the name of preventing himself from contracting the deadly coronavirus.

This is Melania’s fourth year running presenting the awards.

The International Women of Courage ceremony and was one of her first actions as first lady in 2017 after Donald Trump was inaugurated.

During her remarks at the State Department Wednesday, Melaina spoke out about the awards.

She said: “As First Lady of the United States, I am proud of what this country continues to do for women,

“and I am honored to represent a nation that not only recognises women around the world who are making a difference internationally,

“but empowers and supports them in their endeavors so they can affect positive change for others,”

Trump also mentioned an award she received herself earlier this year.

The First Lady was quick to refere her public awareness campaign known as “Be Best”, advocating against youth cyberbullying and drug use.

She said: “A few weeks ago, I was awarded the Women of Distinction Award at Palm Beach Atlantic University for the efforts surrounding my Be Best initiative.”

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