Saturday, 27 Nov 2021

Metal singer’s head ‘held down backstage toilet by bouncers’ after dispute

The lead singer of a nu-metal band accused bouncers at a central London venue of assaulting him after a gig.

Wargasm front man Sam Matlock posted a picture on Twitter of huge red marks on his back, which he said were caused by the trio of bouncers who targeted him during a dispute with the band's manager.

The alleged punch-up took place at Scala near King's Cross on Friday night and included the bouncers putting Matlock's head into the toilet, he claimed.

The band tweeted a bouncer was "verbally aggressive" towards their female tour manager.

The situation escalated after the band stepped in, it is claimed.

The band said the bouncers were "completely overzealous" and displayed "unnecessary use of force".

They wrote: "Three bouncers then dragged Sam into the backstage toilets, where two of them slammed his head against the toilet seat and held his head in the toilet bowl while the third bouncer held the door closed with his foot.

"Wargasm's management have been attempting to contact Scala directly over this weekend to no avail.

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"Scala have still not responded to our team's emails.

"We feel that anyone visiting or playing at this venue should be aware of our deeply shocking experience and the treatment of our team by the current security staff.

"It's now been made very clear to us that as long as the current security team are under employment there, from our experience we do not consider Scala a safe venue, especially for women."

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Scala posted on social media: "Scala is aware of the allegations that have been made and are conducting a full scale investigation with our security provider, Saber Security.

"We will not tolerate this sort of behaviour alleged or otherwise."

The promoter of the club night, Facedown, said the venue was responsible for employing the security team.

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It said it did "not appreciate people being manhandled in this way", whether band members or people in the audience.

A spokesman for the Security Industry Authority, which regulates security licences, confirmed a complaint had been received.

He said: "We have received a report relating to an incident at the Wargasm gig and will be looking into this further."

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