Tuesday, 19 Oct 2021

Mike’s Monday Outlook: spring conditions return to southern Manitoba after a snowy setback

It was a snowy start to April around southern Manitoba as a result of some very cool air moving into the province. Snowfall was significant and so was the cooler weather.

These numbers primarily focus on the southeast but southwestern Manitoba had pretty similar snowfall totals, around 15 to 20 cm.

This snow showed up with some unseasonably cool weather.

After a warm start to the month, temperatures cooled significantly. Friday, the daytime high was almost 15 degrees Celsius below normal.

Low pressure in northern will linger around northern Manitoba into Wednesday, where a few more showers and flurries are possible.

Looking later in the week, while more precipitation is possible, no significant rain or snow would be falling. The most notable weather will likely be the cooler temperatures and some windy conditions on Wednesday and Friday.


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