Friday, 29 Sep 2023

Mike’s Monday outlook: spring storm on the way for Manitoba

March could go out like a lion with the potential for significant precipitation and a rain and snow mix around the middle of the week.

Spring so far in Winnipeg and around southern Manitoba has been quite comfortable and recently, warm. This week could set things back a bit with the potential for some significant snowfall totals as well as rain headed this way.

While the weather has recently warmed up in Winnipeg, and with no significant precipitation events recently, the snow has on the ground has melted down to around 10 cm from 29 cm since Mar. 22, according to an Environment and Climate Change Canada site.

Tuesday night low pressure will move into Manitoba, bringing a mix of rain and snow.

The conditions this system will bring to the province will vary. Around northern Manitoba, more snow is on the way. Heavy snow will once again hit parts central and northern Manitoba. Around the south, the conditions will vary as a rain and snow mix is likely.


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