Friday, 27 May 2022

Model denies she’s a gold digger as prince ex sues her for ‘taking advantage’

A Belarusian model has denied being a gold digger after her older Italian prince boyfriend launched a lawsuit against her.

Prince Giacomo Bonanno di Linguaglossa and model ex-girlfriend Tanya Yashenko have both filed suits against one another following their nasty break-up.

Linguaglossa has been accused of stalking the model, while Yashenko is being sued for taking advantage of the prince's "psychological fragility," Il Messaggero reports.

It was reported the couple fell for each other after meeting at a dinner party in 2019, The couple then enjoyed a whirlwind romance with a varied list of holiday destinations including Monte Carlo, the Maldives and Dubai.

But the relationship soon turned sour with the model, 35, lodging a lawsuit against the 51-year-old prince.

Yashenko alleges the prince stalked her after he showered her with gifts, including a Mercedes worth £70,000, expensive jewellery and a £48,000 share in a Rome bed and breakfast.

Prince Giacomo soon launched his own legal action against the model, claiming that he was traumatised and unable to make sound decisions after his ex-wife left him with his sons for the US.

For her case against the prince, Yashenko hired a psychiatrist to assist her with the case but, according to reports, the expert has now switched sides and accused Yashenko of "taking advantage of the psychological fragility of Linguaglossa".

It was reported the Italian press also obtained text messages between the two, where she criticised the wealthy prince for not being generous enough.

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According to Il Messaggero, Yashenko called the prince "dishonest, false, traitorous, deprived of empathy, mediocre [and] a liar".

Messages between the prince and the model emerged after Giacomo launched legal action, but Yashenko denied any wrongdoing and the prince has since backed down, apologising to her on social media.

He took to Facebook and said he wanted to: "publicly apologise to my partner Tanya Vashenko for my false statements

"I would like to explain that jealousy is a big reason for my actions. But the gifts I gave I don't want back".

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Despite the apology, the prince's lawyer, Armando Fergola, told the Telegraph: "She continues to try to manipulate him. He has certainly not withdrawn his accusations and will not do so.

"He is still very fragile and the love affair has clouded his judgment. The primary aim of this case is to protect him from her, both psychologically and economically.

"Getting her to pay back the money is a secondary objective".

According to Corriere della Sera, Yashenko said: "I was beaten and attacked by Giacomo and it was I who left him, then I forgave him.

"But I am convinced that now he is being manipulated or ill advised by someone".

Although they have court cases against one another, the prince continues to post daily on social media about his "princess" and the two continue to profess their love.

But the prince's lawyer has said his client is facing constant pressure to withdraw the complaint against the model, citing the Facebook posts as evidence the prince is being taken advantage of and manipulated.

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