Sunday, 7 Aug 2022

Motorcyclist led 100mph police chase in attempt to ‘show off’ on first date

A reckless biker led a high-speed police chase to "show off" on a first date with his female passenger, court records state.

The motorcyclist was more hopeless than romantic however as he ignored his date's screams for him to stop, according to court documents.

Investigators claim 22-year-old Taylor Beverly sped his white 2017 Suzuki bike through a red light in west Florida, US, on Saturday night.

The suspect, who police say had a female passenger with him, allegedly locked eye contact with Clearwater Police Department officers before dangerously darting off.

The officers switched on their lights and sirens but Beverly "drove well over 100 mph" while weaving in and out of traffic and ignoring multiple red lights.

It was decided to break off the pursuit but after alerting department colleagues, another unit spotted the motorcyclist at a junction and took him into custody around 10pm, The Smoking Gun reports.

After being read his rights, Beverly reportedly explained that he "was trying to show off for his date".

It did not appear to work as the woman told officers that she was "screaming at him to stop, but he refused".

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Officer Kyle Bingham noted the night "was their first date".

Beverly from Tampa, was charged with a felony for fleeing cops at high speed with wanton disregard for the safety of others. He was released from the county jail Sunday morning after paying up a $10,000 (£7,300) bond.

Beverly’s criminal history includes cocaine possession, probation violation, grand theft, and passing a counterfeit check.

He was also cited for reckless driving and driving an unregistered vehicle following a 2019 motorcycle crash.

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