Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

MP’s son blows up Russian tank and screams ‘we’re gonna die’ during ambush

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Intense footage has captured a politician’s brave son fighting against Russian soldiers in Ukraine – including him firing a rocket launcher into a tank and rescuing an injured comrade.

Heroic Ben Grant rushed to the eastern European country to take up arms against evil Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion.

The 30-year-old Brit, whose mum is an MP for Maidstone, could be seen in a group of well-trained fighters as they fired deadly launchers at the Russian military vehicle.

Terrifying videos showed the troops in a 15-hour mission that reportedly killed 38 enemy soldiers.

Rockets triggered the tank’s live ammunition before it exploded in another blow to the Kremlin’s army in Ukraine.

In another clip fearless Ben, who served for over five years in the Royal Marines before leaving for Ukraine, could be heard shouting at his team: "We've got to move now or we're gonna die!"

The dad-of-three is seen ducking Russian bullets whilst treating fellow fighter and former Grenadier Guardsman Dean Arthur, who was raced to hospital in Kyiv where doctors medics saved his leg.

Bold Ben told The Telegraph his unit was ambushed whilst getting ready to hit another target.

He explained: "I think we must have been spotted by drones beforehand and they had set up their lines… so as we went in the mass firefight broke out…

"I was terrified but driven to complete my most important goal, which at the time was getting him and my team out of the danger.

"What was so scary was being so limited by trying to carry someone, when I can't pull my weapon up, while there are attack helicopters overhead and tanks firing through the woods. It was unreal – I've never experienced anything like that in my life."

The British soldier reportedly didn’t tell his politician mother he was heading to the war-torn country.

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He made it clear the decision was his alone after the Foreign Office said it advised against all travel to Ukraine – even though Foreign Secretary Liz Truss gave her support to those fighting "for democracy".

Ben is one of many Brits still heroically fighting in Ukraine as Kremlin officials order a more brutal policy against their rivals.

The more aggressive stance comes after humiliating losses for Putin’s army, including almost 30,000 soldiers, over 1,000 tanks and 170 helicopters.

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