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Mum claims mouldy and ant-infested Pontin’s room ‘sparked son’s asthma attack’

A mum claims the accommodation she was given to stay in at a Pontins resort had so much mould it caused her six-year-old son to have an asthma attack.

Mum-of-four, Lauren Wright, 26, visited Camber Sands Pontins, Sussex, this week with her partner and four children, aged one to nine, SussexLive reports.

Lauren, from Stowmarket in Suffolk, claims the family entered the chalet to find broken glass on the floor, an ant infestation, and severe condensation.

Fortunately, her son is now fine but is due to visit the doctors this week to be checked over.

Lauren said: “Checking in was a nightmare. It was ridiculously busy.

“After 40 minutes in the check in line, we got our keys to the chalet.

“There was no cleaning sticker on the front door, there were shards of glass on the living room floor, an ant infestation in the kitchen, mouldy ceiling and headboard in one bedroom, severe condensation in every room, it didn’t smell clean, it smelt musty and mouldy and the fridge didn’t work."

Two of Lauren's children have asthma, so she said "she was not prepared to stay" in a chalet that had mould in it.

She claimed that after lodging at a complaint with reception at 5pm she was "basically told to get on with it".

"This was despite telling her that my six-year-old had an asthma attack due to the mould and required his nebuliser," she added.

“That wasn’t good enough so I complained again and it took them until 10.30pm to come and tell us they have moved us to a club apartment. We were also told this chalet should not have been used by the manager."

The issues did not stop there, Lauren claims.

While she admitted the "facilities were okay" she did allege that equipment at one of the parks had a screw and a nail sticking out of it.

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She said: “My six-year-old caught his T-shirt on there, had it not been his T-shirt, it would have sliced through his arm.

“There was minimal mask-wearing inside, the staff weren’t even wearing masks, despite signs saying that if you aren’t exempt you need to wear a mask otherwise no entry.

“Evening entertainment looked great, but the area was so packed with what looked like drunk adults and riot children, you could barely move, definitely no social distancing.

“Heard and saw a few fights which you don’t expect from fully grown adults in a children’s holiday park.

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“From what I heard, the bluecoats were great. There was a constant smell of weed all over the park also."

Lauren's holiday wasn't all bad, however, and she said the park's breakfast had been "great".

She added: “The breakfast food was great, advertised as all you can eat but when we turned up you were not allowed to eat in and it was put into a container.

“I think it heavily relies on your own personality and what you deem acceptable.

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"Our children had a great time and were oblivious. But as parents, we were not happy with the standard accommodation or the Covid-19 regulations not being adhered to.

“You get what you pay for at the end of the day, we went with a very open mind after reading the reviews and can definitely say we will not be attending again.

“So if you aren’t concerned about hygiene, catching Covid or drugs, you should be absolutely fine.”

Daily Star has contacted Pontins for comment.

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