Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Mum has car’s petrol drained by fuel thieves after bragging about full tank

Petrol thieves emptied a woman's car of fuel after she bragged about getting it filled up.

Jenni Turner, 34, returned home from a walk with her son to find a puddle under her Ford Fiesta and two holes drilled through its tank.

A neighbour's CCTV camera captured the petrol pillagers draining the vehicle into a pair of jerry cans last Sunday evening.

Ms Turner says that only a day earlier she had been showing off to someone on her street in Erith, southeast London, about her luck filling up at a petrol station.

She claims a black car, travelling "unusually quickly" for a residential area, had sped off as her five-year-old son George approached the house at around 6:30pm.

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Ms Turner said: "I'd never usually think to look at my car, but I did and all I saw was petrol coming out of the bottom.

"There were two holes about the size of a five pence piece and a huge puddle of petrol under the car.

"My neighbour saw what happened on CCTV and said it was three blokes who had a drill.

"I'd been parking next to my garage for the past couple of days so people could not get to the petrol cap – which is on the passenger side.

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"But I had been for a bike ride that morning and had to move the car to open the garage.

"I was going to put it back but I thought 'don't be silly, people aren't going to steal your petrol' and then that's exactly what happened.
"At first I was upset and then I was just really, really angry.

"Most of petrol had spilled on the floor so they must have only got a few quids worth – it literally went down the drain."

Ms Turner had filled her car up with £50 of petrol the day before and bragged about it to one of her neighbours who was clearing out his garage.

She said: "I could have been followed, but I was also out for about four hours during the day.

"So when my house was empty that would have been a better opportunity."

A Met Police spokesman said: "We were called to a report of petrol being taken from a car at a residential property at 6.48pm on Sunday September 26.

"Following an assessment of available evidence, it was determined that there was no realistic prospect of identifying a suspect.

"The victim has been informed and the case has now been closed.

"Should further evidential opportunities come to light this decision may be reviewed."

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