Sunday, 29 Jan 2023

Mum living off £4 a month eating just pancakes and may need to euthanise dog

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    Broke and desperate, a struggling mum who was made redundant during the pandemic, and since cared for her daughter who has now left home, says she has just £4 a week to live off.

    Julie Harper, 52, has lived in Worcester for 22 years and previously worked for M&S until she got made redundant during the pandemic.

    Due to her financial woes, she now dreads eviction from her home and fears her dog may also need to be euthanized to keep costs under control.

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    Following the removal of her £155 carer's allowance, Julie says she has been left with just £16 a month following housing and bill payment deductions.

    Julie's described days where she's felt inhuman: "You don’t even feel human. I feel forgotten."

    Barely surviving, Julie can only afford the basics: milk, eggs, flour, bread and butter. Some days she persists in going days without food unless she has the ingredients for pancakes.

    "It’s embarrassing, I’ve had to put shopping back at the till because I don’t have the amount to spend. You go home and don’t feel human."

    Julie described how she would go through long stints for up to three weeks, where she would not receive a full meal.

    She also feels added pressure to feed her pets as well as herself and this means that she has to go regularly to food banks – circumstances which have had an impact on Harper's mental health.

    Julie added: "When you look at them and they’ve only had a piece of toast a day it doesn’t make you feel like a good person."

    Faced with increasing veterinary costs for her dog, vets have now offered to put down her German Shephard free of charge if she cannot afford the medication.

    The sudden drop in finances has also left her facing eviction as soon she will not be able to afford the rent.


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