Friday, 30 Jul 2021

Mum mocked for preparing freezer full of pre-made meals for her 30-year-old son

A doting mum has been ridiculed online for keeping her 30-year-old son well fed.

The unnamed parent revealed her freezer and shelves are packed of pre-made meals for her adult son, who she says no longer lives with her, but can "always let himself in for a feed."

She shared images of her fully-stocked kitchen, brimming with what appears to be homemade grub, and admits she spends an entire day every month cooking for her son.

Meals include pasta, beef casserole, soup, Thai curry, rice with vegetables and cheese sauce.

"He knows there’s always a selection in the freezer, if I can you can," she posted.

But the mum's extreme dedication to meal prep attracted criticism from online trolls, forcing her to delete replies, disable comments and post a response.

"This post was mean to inspire, not judge," she wrote.

"I am turning of [sic] comments as this is becoming very overwhelming, love to you all, life can be wonderful no matter what."

But not everyone was critical, with some curious to find out more about her routine and other praising her dedication.

"How do you get them to reheat well?" one asked, while admitting her attempts usually get ruined by freezer burn.

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The mum replied by saying it depended on the meal, adding that she seals some dishes with cling film before putting a lid on the container.

"Freezer burn is usually because it has been sitting in their [sic] too long," she clarified.

"You are a wonderful mumma [sic]," one woman wrote.

"My mum is exactly like you, she feeds me when I am there and I am over 30.

"I hope I do the same for my son because I love cooking," she said.

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And she isn't the first person on Facebook to offer up bulk cooking tips.

Bulk preparing and storing meals can be help with losing weight and save money, according to health website The Healthy Mummy.

"Rather than reaching for that quick, sugar-loaded meal, you can opt for a healthy, home-cooked dish and keep the convenience," it said.

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