Monday, 15 Aug 2022

Mum screamed ‘the back door was open’ before 5-year-old son found dead in river

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The mum of a five-year-old boy who was pulled from a river was heard calling for her son and screaming "the back door was open" before he was found dead.

The five-year-old was reported missing at around 5.45am on Saturday morning (July 31) from his family home in Sarn, Bridgend and was dead in the River Ogmore, near Pandy Park – less than a quarter of a mile from his home.

He was taken to Princess of Wales Hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

Neighbours claimed they heard the mum desperately shouting "the back door was open".

One neighbour said: "I could hear the mum screaming for her son. She was shouting 'the back door was open' and calling for him.

"A short while later the old bill turned up and they've been here ever since."

Other neighbours alongside Pandy Park said they were woken by shouts coming from the downstairs property.

One woman said: "I could hear a row going off. I think the mother was on the phone to the police."

Another woman said: "The police have been going door-to-door and asking questions and they've been looking in the park all day."

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Detectives say they are keeping an "open mind" over the death of the youngster as they continue to investigate how the boy ended up in the water.

Dozens of officers including forensics teams and police divers have been scouring the playing field and paths leading from the family home in Sarn, Bridgend to the River Ogmore, less than quarter of a mile away.

Chief Inspector Geraint White said the family is being supported by specially-trained officers to come to terms with the "tragic incident".

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"The local neighbourhood police team will continue to support and speak to residents in the area, and I encourage people to talk to them if they have any concerns," he said.

"We recognise there are a lot of people in the local community who would like answers about what happened to him.

"We are keeping an open mind and are working hard to establish the full circumstances of his death so that we can provide answers to his family.

"This is an extensive and sensitive investigation and many people have been affected by this death. We would request that respect is extended to all those involved, and that people do not speculate about this incident on social media as this is an active investigation.

"As our investigation continues I would like to thank the local community for their understanding and support whilst we carry out further enquiries."

It comes after shocked neighbours told how they were woken to screams coming from outside the family home on the terraced row of flats.

Anyone with information has been urged to contact South Wales Police.

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