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Mum who had leg amputated after spider bite still feels ‘cramp’ in lost limb

A mum who needed her leg amputating after a spider bite says a "cramp" can still be felt in her lost limb.

Kristal Joseph, from Sydney, Australia, was bitten on the sole of her foot by a spider back in February and, although she thought it was harmless, it was anything but.

Bitten by a white-tailed spider, Kristal found herself needing her leg amputated, but she says her "toes or foot feel cramped" even after the surgery.

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Her phantom limb pain has left her dealing with "painful minutes" which come and go as the 29-year-old begins learning how to walk again with the help of her family.

Speaking to, she said: "I am determined more than ever to actually get my prosthetics and learn how to walk again, hopefully get back to work again and live my life how it was intended."

A GoFundMe set up for the family during Kristal's recovery period noted an infection in her foot had "run rampant" and left doctors with no choice but to amputate.

The fundraiser read: "What proceeded was a small ulcer which escalated into a nasty infection. Unfortunately the infection in her foot has now run rampant."

While Kristal was deemed "no stranger to adversity", it would appear she is still on the mend and learning how to walk again, with a "life altering surgery" ahead.

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A plea from the fundraiser added: "Now in her time of need, with such a life altering surgery ahead and ongoing rehabilitation, we would like to be able to provide Kristal and her husband Callum with some support which we know they never would have asked for."

Her condition was made somewhat worse by her type one diabetes diagnosis, which Kristal has dealt with since she was just two.

Kristal was also hospitalised when she was seven and diagnosed with Perthes disease of the hip, and needed a hip replacement at 23.

Following on from her amputation, it would appear Kristal is on the mend, with her kidney function improving and physical rehabilitation well underway.

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