Friday, 29 Sep 2023

Mum’s council fury as parking meter 6 inches from home is ‘invasion of privacy’

A furious mum has accused her local council of invading her privacy after it installed a parking ticket machine just six inches from her house.

Tracy Coles, 35, wasn’t too happy to see the ticket machine erected on the pavement right next to her garden wall.

The four-foot-tall machine is also right next to the entrance of an alleyway that goes by her home.

The Bedford mum says her local council did not consult her about its installation, and later told her that it did not need planning permission.

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Tracy said: “I understand it does have to go somewhere.

"But many of the streets further up have the metre at the end of the road, up against people's side walls and out of sight of people’s view."

She believes that once the ticket machine starts getting used in July, the privacy of her home will be massively invaded.

The offending ticket machine isn’t up-and-running yet and Tracy has been told it won’t be operational until July.

But she believes when it starts being used, the privacy of her home will be in jeopardy.

And, Tracy says she's not the only annoyed homeowner in the street.

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She added: “It’s the only one down my street and I use my alleyway often in the summer.

"My young kids love to play outside, so this is a hazard right next to my wall.

“I feel it invades my kids’ privacy as you know what kids are like – they like to open curtains when people are outside.

"Many of the residents have asked me how I feel about it and said they wouldn't like it outside their house.

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“I really am not a happy resident.”

When approached, a spokesperson for Bedford Borough Council explained the reason behind the decision to install the metre, but not why it was so close to Tracy’s home.

They said: “It’s because residents in the area have requested that we install a controlled parking zone in Churchville Road and as part of this work, we install pay and display machines to enable visitors to pay to park.

“We have notified residents that they can apply for a residents’ parking permit so that they do not need to use the pay and display machine.”

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