Tuesday, 3 Oct 2023

New York coronavirus crisis: US state on brink as it must urgently find 16,000 ventilators

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned the state still needs 16,000 ventilators to ensure the health system does not collapse under the weight of coronavirus cases. Governor Cuomo insisted his administration is looking at ways to improve the system to guarantee all COVID-19 patients in need of intensive care receive the help they require. Speaking at his daily press coronavirus briefing, the New York Governor said: “Ventilators, ventilators, ventilators.

“We need 30,000 – we have in the existing hospital system 4,000. We have purchased 7,000 and we are still shopping. Federal Government has sent 4,000.

“We’re exploring splitting, where one ventilator can do two patients.

“Italy has had to do this because they were forced to do it, I want to see if we can study it and do it a little smarter and have a little more time experimenting with it.

“We’re still working with the Federal Government to find more ventilators – that is our single greatest challenge.”

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