Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

North Korean’s are ‘frightened’ but ‘secretly elated’ about Kim Jong-un’s death claims

Since last weekend reports have continued to circulate throughout the world that dictator Kim Jon-un had died following cardiovascular complications. Now it is alleged that the authorities are hunting down those who have distributed a video throughout North Korea that confirms the leader’s death.

A North Hamgyoung Province-based source told Daily NK: “There are even people who say they saw the video claiming Kim had died.

“But most people are trying their best to stay unnoticed because the authorities are hunting down whoever brought the video over the border.”

The source is referring to the video that has been circulating in the Sino-North Korean border.

There are many other reasons suggested for why Kim Jong may not have been seen in public, including that he is shielding from coronavirus.

However previous rumours about the leader or his family would usually have been put to bed by now.

So far nobody from the North Korean authorities has hushed the whispers or denied the claims.

The source told Daily NK: “All sorts of rumours are spreading,

“But even though the government is aware of all this, there has been no centralised response to it, either in the form of lectures or otherwise. That’s really strange.”

In usual circumstances, if such whispers continued it would invoke a threat of punishment.

Previously, state authorities tried to prevent North Koreans from spreading any rumours about their leader.

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An example of this was back in 2013 when people were ordered to keep quiet about scandalous gossip involving Kim Jong-un’s wife Ri Sol Ju.

Then in 2017 rumours spread that Kim Jong-un had killed his half-brother Kim Jong Nam, although this was never proven.

Many North Koreans are now rumoured to fear the leader’s death, but many are also believed to be secretly elated that he might be dead.

The Daily NK insider said: “There are quite a few people who are secretly elated at the rumours.

“So many North Koreans are suffering from malnutrition that it’s unlikely that there are many who feel overly concerned about Kim Jong Un’s health.”

Due to it being difficult to obtain reliable media reports from North Korea it is hard to know for certain if the dictator is dead or alive.

The last known North Korean state news coverage of Kim’s whereabouts is when he presided over a meeting on April 11.

There have also been daily reports of him sending letters and political correspondence, but without any evidence supporting them.

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