Friday, 9 Jun 2023

OC Transpo orders ‘spotters’ back to all LRT platforms after CCTV system glitches

The company maintaining the Confederation Line has hauled back staff to monitor all LRT platforms after the CCTV camera system that helps train operators depart stations safely went down on Wednesday, according to OC Transpo.

Those dedicated workers have been staffed at platforms across Ottawa’s LRT system since it launched mid-September “as an additional layer of protection,” the head of the city’s transit agency said later in the afternoon.

But the “required” number of platform “spotters” weren’t in position when LRT operators reported issues with the CCTV system at around 10 a.m., OC Transpo claims.

“I immediately contacted Peter Lauch, the CEO of RTG, and ordered that all resources be redeployed immediately,” Manconi wrote in an LRT update sent to media.

“I have ordered RTG to have spotters present on all platforms until further notice.”

The Rideau Transit Group (RTG) is the consortium hired to design and build the Confederation Line. Its maintenance division, Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM), is responsible for maintaining the east-west line.

The LRT operators use the CCTV system to view the train platforms and make sure they’re clear before rolling out of a station, according to Manconi.

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