Sunday, 7 Aug 2022

Osama bin Laden killed when CIA spotted his family’s clothes drying, book claims

Evil terrorist Osama bin Laden was finally caught by the US military after eagle-eyed CIA officers found his family’s clothes hanging out to dry, a new book claims.

Almost a decade after the al-Qaeda founder orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, the American secret service was close to capturing him thanks to an informant who spotted bin Laden’s bodyguard, Ibrahim, in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Ibrahim’s white jeep led the military to the extremist’s lair, where they realised the compound had several unusual features, reports The Sun.

The huge hideout had no internet service and even lacked a telephone line – despite the occupant clearly being able to afford it.

There were few windows and the open-air balcony was covered by 18-foot-high, barbed-wire topped walls.

But bizarrely enough, what alerted American agents to who was really hiding inside was dirty laundry.

Clotheslines equipped each day with women’s garments, shalwar kameez worn by Pakistani men, children’s outfits, and nappies were much more than would be worn by the 11 members of the bodyguards’ families.

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So the CIA kept a close eye on the amount being washed and found there had to be at least one man inside, several adult women, and at least nine kids.

This fitted exactly with bin Laden’s presumed polygamous living arrangements.

The odd claims come from Peter Bergen, a national security analyst and former CNN producer, in his book, The Rise and Fall of Osama bin Laden.

After the evidence was given to president at the time, Barack Obama, he ordered the Navy to plan the operation that would lead to the death of the bearded militant on May 1, 2011, whilst he was 54.

The bizarre news follows George W Bush calling US president Joe Biden's troop withdrawal from Afghanistan a "mistake".

He said he feared for the safety of the women left behind and added: "They’re just going to be slaughtered by these very brutal people, and it breaks my heart."

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