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Photobombing Queen shows how to do it the royal way despite hating selfies

The Queen has been known for having a wicked sense of humour and some of these moments have been captured in photo form as Her Majesty sent shockwaves by photobombing.

The unsuspecting victims of these royal photobombs instantly went viral after the sneaky Queen is seen grinning in the background.

One moment in particular even became a foreign affair after the Queen headed to Glasgow to celebrate the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Her Majesty ended up smiling on through the other side of the fence as two Australian hockey players took a selfie.

One of the players, Jayde Taylor, posted the photo on Twitter with the words “Ahhh The Queen photo-bombed our selfie!! #royalty #sheevensmiled #amazing.”

Many were left questioning whether it was real or not as the post went viral all over the world.

This was also not a one off occasion as Her Majesty was up to her old tricks again in 2018.

The Queen was snapped captured smiling in a photo taken by Allan Banford, who was attending Newbury Racecourse.

Although this time, Allan intended to get the Queen in the background as did not want to disturb her.

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However, he tried to take a quick selfie of her in the background but the Queen was seemingly aware of Allan’s plans.

Just as the snap was being taken, she happily looked at the camera.

Allan later admitted it was a “total accident” that he managed to capture a smiling Queen in the background.

Despite her smiling photobombs, the Queen is not actually a fan of a selfie.

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A royal aide told the Express that Her Majesty appreciates social media but she misses having eye contact with the public as many prefer having their phones out.

The aide said: “The Queen’s key concern at events is that she can engage with the people she meets and have conversations with them.

“It’s difficult to see how people can experience an engagement first-hand if they are watching it through a view-finder.

“The Queen is aware that social media provides another way of connecting with people across the Commonwealth when she cannot physically be there. But when the monarch is there in person and the people are there to see her, we don’t want technology interfering with that face-to-face experience.”

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