Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

Playboy babe dubbed ‘Powder Queen’ arrested while riding pillion half naked

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A former Playboy cover model dubbed the 'Powder Queen' has been arrested during a traffic stop when she was allegedly riding pillion on a motorbike half-naked.

Flavia Tamayo earned her nickname because of alleged involvement in a drug ring.

She was stopped by Military Police (Brazil's preventive police force) officers in the city of Presidente Prudente in the Brazilian state of São Paulo on Tuesday, December 21.

The woman, who goes by the name Pamela Pantera in her job as an escort and pornographic actress, reportedly tried to seduce the officers by taking off the remaining few clothes she was still wearing to get out of the jam.

However, her actions failed to get her off the hook. When the officers consulted the system, they found there was an open arrest warrant against her for drug trafficking.

She had been identified by the Civil Police (Brazil's investigative police force) of the Federal District as a member of a criminal organisation made up of escorts.

The escorts are said to have worked in and around Brazil's capital Brasilia, where they allegedly sold their clients drugs in addition to having sex with them for money.

Police officers seized quantities of marijuana and cocaine from her home in the administrative region of Aguas Claras in the Federal District in June 2020.

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They also found more narcotics in a hotel she had stayed at in the administrative region of Plano Piloto, also in the Federal District.

A court in the Federal District sentenced Tamayo to eight years in a semi-open prison regime for selling drugs and association with the illegal drug trade in July last year.

Her notoriety at the time led the Brazilian press to dub her the 'Powder Queen'.

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She was allowed to return to her home state of Sao Paulo in September on the condition that she wore an ankle monitor.

Following her latest arrest, she was reportedly released after her lawyers provided the authorities with the requested documentation.

Her lawyer Fabricio Martins Chaves has said there was a "misunderstanding" regarding the open arrest warrant issued in 2020, but no further information was given.

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