Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Playboy model in years of mystery pain before doctors found tumour in her womb

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A former Playboy model suffered unexplained pain "like having a baby" for years as doctors kept giving her paracetamol.

OnlyFans star Sarah Longbottom, 37, said medics brushed off her endometriosis ordeal for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The Lancashire mum-of-two said the pains got worse until a laparoscopy in 2019 revealed a tumour in her ovaries caused by her condition.

It affects of up to 10 per cent of women and sees womb tissue grow in other areas like the fallopian tubes – leading to severe pain, fertility issues and even depression, LancsLive reports.

Sarah, of Rawtenstall, said: "It was so painful for me that I needed morphine, it was less like period pain and more like contractions, it was like having a baby all over again.

"But I'm positive in myself now and I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I want women to know that there is light in the darkness with endometriosis."

Sarah experienced severe pain down her legs and stomach when she was a teenager but was always told by doctors that she was experiencing IBS.

Physicians often told Sarah to take paracetamol and often dismissed the crippling pain she was experiencing.

She said: "I used to suffer really badly with constant pains, it wasn't until I really pushed that it got checked out properly.

"I was just ignored really but I was getting pains down my leg, I was heavy bleeding and my period was knocking me out every month."

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In 2019, Sarah gave birth to her second child but began experiencing pain and problems in her stomach.

After being told for years that her pain was down to bowel problems, Sarah was given a laparoscopy.

The model was told that she had a tumour on her right ovary which had been caused by endometriosis.

"There were cancerous cells but it wasn't cancer," said Sarah. "The endometriosis was pushing on my nerves and causing pain down my legs and lower back.

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"I had the tumour removed in May 2019."

After her operation Sarah was prescribed morphine to deal with the pain of her condition.

In December 2020, the mum-of-two was put on a form of chemotherapy to help fight her Endometriosis.

She said: "It has been tough, I've lost my hair and I've had chronic fatigue for the past three months.

"It has upset me, I was crying the other day because my hair was coming out.

"But then I thought: 'this is a small price to pay for not being in pain'."

Sarah says she is now pushing on with her life and has found herself again after months of pain.

Warning other women, she said: "Watch out for the symptoms, severe period pain, heavy bleeding, pain after sex, pain after going to the toilet.

"If you are worried go to the doctor and push, don't let people dismiss it."

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