Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021

Police investigating threat that evacuated building on Wellington waterfront

Police are investigating the threat that evacuated a building on the Wellington waterfront earlier this morning.

A spokesperson said their of the PWC building on Waterloo Quay search was now complete and had found “nothing suspicious”.

They thanked the public for their cooperation.

An employee of the building told the Herald they were told to “quietly evacuate due to a bomb threat” at around 8.45am.

“The only update we were given was that it may take a few hours to clear,” she said.

“We also heard the army may be coming to clear the building but we don’t know how official this update is.”

A police spokesperson said the threat was made against “a Waterloo Quay address” and asked members of the public to avoid the area.

Reporter Jack Crossland, who was on the scene at 10am, said most workers had dispersed into cafes.

“There’s about six police cars on the scene at the moment, there’s a few police outside and I imagine there will be some inside as well.”

He said the PWC building and neighbouring apartment block had been cordoned off, and the bomb squad were scouring the building and outside area “making sure there’s no stone left unturned”.

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