Friday, 27 May 2022

Politician slams vile creeps who stole her nude pictures after breast cancer op

A politician has told of her horror after intimate photos were stolen from her phone and are now being sold online.

Florida State Senator Lauren Book, who has admitted in the past that she was raped by her nanny as a child recently found, during an investigation, that images of her had been “traded” online since 2020.

She said, during a local meeting this week: "Never in a million years could I imagine that I would once again become a victim of a sex crime, and I am not alone.

"It’s time to give victims some hope and bad actors a reason to think twice – not for me, but for the hundreds and thousands of other Floridians who fall victim to these dehumanizing and heinous acts.”

In 2002, Book's nanny pleaded guilty to five charges of sexual abuse, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison – this was later extended to 25 years.

She used her experiences to start the charity Lauren's Kids, which supports victims of child abuse.

She explained further to local media outlets: "My images were sold, bought for, traded, not with my consent, and it is happening every day to women, children across the country.

"Some of the other things that I've heard is, ‘Well, if you weren’t so young or good-looking, you wouldn't have this problem.'

"That is a terrible thing to say to somebody who's having to endure cyber trafficking.

"One was of a really bad sunburn … one was after a lumpectomy that I went through in November.

"We're gonna work to make it a crime so that other women don't have to suffer this way."

Private post-lumpectomy operation images are included in those being sold, and Book says that she has “no idea” how they were stolen.

She has now sponsored a bill to strengthen Florida's revenge porn law, as a result of her experiences.

Earlier this month, GB News presenter Alex Phillips talked about, what she called “collector culture”, which finds women in the UK getting little protection.

She wrote: “So-called Collector Culture has fast become the most common form of abuse, with offenders – often everyday guys in Whatsapp groups, bonding over explicit images and lad banter.

Women who find out often get zero support and have no recourse to the law.

“Yet another symptom of a hyper-sexualised society where the commodification and degradation of women is normalised while those in power do nothing.”

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