Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

Prince Harry and Meghan had ‘moment it all went wrong’ this year, claims expert

As 2021 nears an end, many have started to reflect on the major events that captured the nation, and royal commentator Bronte Coy believes there was one moment in particular that cast Meghan and Harry in a negative light.

The expert believes that the Sussexes were set for "global domination" at the start of the year – but said it turned into a "big fizzer" after they appeared on Oprah.

They made several damaging accusations towards the firm including allegations of racism, revealing the ins and outs of a feud with Kate Middleton and even spoke about being trapped by the institution.

"Make no mistake, that highly-anticipated TV special was everything we could have hoped for – and more. Actually, much more. In fact… too much," Coy wrote in News AU.

Coy went on to say that that the pair were building an empire before their explosive interview and said they were on track to be a "resounding success".

Highlighting some major moments for Meghan and Harry once life had slowly started to return to normal with Covid, she said: "Deal after deal was announced. Their foundation was launched. Strategic and stunning photo-ops began dropping into the daily news cycle. There was a Sussex buzz in the air."

She added: "That skyrocketed the moment they made history with their decision to cut themselves loose.

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"And the Sussex buzz transitioned into a deafening roar as it was revealed that they’d sat down for a no-holds-barred interview with Oprah."

But the expert pointed out that the royal family like to keep their private lives under wraps which the Susexess failed to do when appearing on the chat show.

"So the moment Harry and Meghan ripped back the curtain on the royal establishment in their TV tell-all, their shots didn’t just hit the monarchy – they also backfired," she said.

Coy added that the couple has now "fired all their guns" despite being less than two years in their life away from the royals.

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She then referenced how things have changed eight months on since the bombshell tell-all and highlighted Meghan's "cringeworthy" appearance on the Ellen Show which saw her suck on a baby bottle in public.

"It’s a long way from the untouchable mystique she had at the start of the year," she said.

"Their fizzer of a year is not helped by the fact that major commercial deals with Netflix and Spotify are yet to really make a splash."

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The expert also noted that their Netflix contract has "barely yielded a couple of releases" and said Meghan, who was announced as the creator of Netflix series Pearl, is yet to have a date released for the show.

She added: "They now find themselves in the unusual royal position of having to maintain the public’s interest and make their fortunes solely on the quality of their work.

"Based on their CV for 2021, that may prove difficult."

Representatives for the Sussexes have been contacted for comment.

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