Saturday, 15 May 2021

Puppy sexually abused to death as outraged neighbours in tears at sick attack

A six-month-old puppy has died after it was sexually abused in a sickening attack that left him with injuries too severe for medics to save his life.

The dog, named Weichafe, was discovered Saturday 22nd August in the Azapa valley in Arica in Chile, South America.

He had suffered a horrific sexual attack, that had left the pup with rectal lacerations and wounds at the base of his tail.

Residents found the dog in the street and transferred the dog to Limari Veterinary Hospital, where Dr Claudia Concha gave him anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics and other painkillers.

She said: "This little animal had quite a few rectal lacerations with wounds also at the base of the tail.

"X-rays were taken that show an increase in the rectal part, which corroborates that there was a violation."

Angie Lemo, president of Latin American animal group ACSA, said a criminal investigation has been launched, and authorities have appealed to the public for further information.

Confirming the dog had died, Angie called Weichafe a "baby warrior" and said his "little body" gave in to the pain.

She said: "Weichafe the baby warrior has passed away. His little body did not resist anymore.

"One more little angel that crosses the rainbow, today you are next to God, beautiful baby.

"We can only thank the entire community for their prayers, collaboration and their good positive energies so that Weichafe would stay alive, we feel a lot of sadness. I only ask God for justice."

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Outraged members of the community said goodbye to Weichafe with a farewell mass in the street.

One of the neighbours said through tears: "It is outrageous, it is filthy, it is dirty, it is bad.

"I am very sorry and very angry because I know that justice is useless and Weichafe is one more innocent who dies because of one cruel person."

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