Thursday, 8 Dec 2022

Putin ‘directly overseeing’ blundering Ukraine war as he’s ‘lost confidence’

Vladimir Putin has "bypassed the Russian chain of command" and may be working directly with commanders on the ground in Ukraine, according to experts.

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Putin's spluttering mobilisation of some 300,000 reservists indicates that the tyrant leader may have disregarded standard military practices and Russian law.

In its daily assessment of the conflict from yesterday (September 29), the research group explained that Putin could be directly overseeing the invasion as he has "lost confidence" in the Russian Ministry of Defence.

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The ISW report reads: "The bureaucratic failures in the Russian partial mobilisation may indicate that Putin has again bypassed the Russian higher military command or the Russian MoD.

"The deployment of mobilised men to centres of hostilities on the Kharkiv or Kherson frontlines may suggest that Putin is directly working with axis commanders on the ground who are likely clamouring for reinforcements, rather than following standard military practices (that are also required by Russian law) such as providing training to the mobilised prior to their deployment to the frontlines.

"ISW has previously reported that Putin bypassed the Russian chain of command on numerous occasions when making decisions regarding the progress of the Russian 'special military operation' in Ukraine, likely because he had lost confidence in the Russian MoD.

"The contradictory and inconsistent narratives used by Kremlin officials and the Russian MoD about mobilisation procedures could indicate that Putin, as the supreme commander, issued divergent or contradictory orders."

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The report also noted that Putin's mobilisation remains confused, being executed as a "conscription drive" in some regions and a "general mobilisation" in others.

It references CIA Director Williams Burns, who said that even if the muddled mobilisation produces 300,000 more troops, Russia does not have the infrastructure to provide them with adequate equipment and training.


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