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Racist thug abused strangers at McDonald’s after 15 pints and glassed pensioner

The vile racist past of a violent criminal has been laid bare after a court heard of his latest attack, this time on a pensioner.

Dennis Morgan, 34, from Liverpool, was in front of a judge after he smashed a Budweiser bottle into the face of a man twice his age, claiming that his victim was friends with a rapist.

His "wholly unjustified" attack on John O'Brien left the 69-year-old with a 3cm cut just below his nose and a permanent scar, the Liverpool ECHO reported.

Morgan, who admitted wounding, was jailed for 20 months on Tuesday after Liverpool Crown Court heard that he already had 37 previous convictions for 75 offences.

Among those was a booze-fuelled racist tirade in a city centre McDonald's where he told two people to "go back to your own country."

After a heavy drinking session in January 2016, where Morgan said he consumed 15 pints of beer, he went into the eatery and police saw him walk up to security guard Edward Glokner – who is of Hungarian origin – and heard him shout: "F*** off back to your own country, you foreign c***."

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When PC Yung Hoang and his colleagues told Morgan to calm down, the then 28-year-old initially appeared to back off.

But he then began to shout further racial slurs and told PC Hoang "f*** off back to Vietnam" before he was arrested.

Morgan admitted two counts of racially aggravated harassment at Liverpool Magistrates' Court in April 2016.

Alison Clarkson, prosecuting, said Morgan had also used homophobic slurs, before "proudly admitting" the racist offences in interview.

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The judge sentenced him to 16 weeks in prison and ordered him to pay £100 to both of his victims.

At the time of the crime, the lout was already subject to a suspended prison sentence and had just completed a curfew for stealing from his ex-girlfriend’s parents.

Defence lawyers said Morgan had struggled with alcohol and drug issues and had been homeless at the time of the McDonald's incident.

Adam Antoszkiw, defending, said: "It's fair to say he is a product of the system. At 11-years-old he was placed into care, and remained in and out of care for some time."

When Morgan was sentenced on that occasion, the court heard he had previous convictions for racially aggravated public order offences and assaulting a police officer.

Morgan went on to be jailed for 18 weeks in October 2017 for assaulting another constable and racially aggravated threatening behaviour.

In November 2018 he was locked up for four weeks for battery and then a further eight weeks for assaulting an emergency worker – again a racially aggravated attack.

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