Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Raging woman bashes vending machine after losing £500 high heel in escalator

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A furious woman started smashing a vending machine after an escalator ruined her brand new high heels.

A TikTok video of the shopping centre rage has gone viral as it catches the barefooted woman repeatedly punching a water bottle dispenser.

Filmed at Westfield in Sydney, Australia, the angry woman throws her surviving shoe to the floor before venting her anger.

The cause of her rage is revealed during the clip which ends with the approach of security and a glimpse of presumably the offending escalator.

TikTok account Sydney Dramas shared the footage, MailOnline reports.

The unidentified woman can be heard screaming: "This f****** escalator took my f****** shoe.

"The f****** heel's gone, I bought it two f****** days ago, now look it's f****** gone,

A couple of men look to be chatting to the woman and her pal – both dressed up for the night – before walking off as she launched her attack.

It is suspected her broken high heels were red-bottom Christian Louboutins which will set you back at least £545 per pair.

One person sympathised with her, commenting: "I mean to be fair, they were red bottoms, but I would just cry instead of punching the vending machine."

Other TikTok users felt more for the vending machine she was attacking.

"The vending machine be like: what did I do, what did I do," someone said.

Another joked: "#vendingmachinelivesmatter"

A third quipped: "Damn a whole UFC match with the drink machine."

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Looking deeper into the situation, a few comments have suggested the escalator incident merely tipped her over the edge.

Someone said: "There's way more than just broken shoes making her mad… Hope she is okay."

"It's not about the shoe. Something bad is going on in her life. I think she needs help," another person wrote.

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