Monday, 2 Oct 2023

Raunchy couple caught bonking on beach cliff edge next to huge drop

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A thrill-seeking couple took risky sex to new heights when they decided to get it on halfway up a cliff.

Sydney’s Bondi beach is known across the world for its beauty and incredible views – but even locals were taken aback by the fresh sites of the randy duo’s beachside escapade.

One early morning recently swimmer and keen photographer, Scott Robinson, spotted the frisky pair and decided to take a snap.

In the picture, the saucy lovers can clearly be seen enjoying the moment and relishing in the picturesque ocean views, reports

Others enjoy the view on the cliff top above them, completely oblivious to the X-rated show unfolding below.

Scott then posted his photo to the Bondi Local Loop Facebook group and asked: “Under (Australia’s coronavirus) restrictions, is this considered outdoor recreation or outdoor exercise?”

He told “I just thought it was a little levity given the times and the new restrictions.

“I took the pic from the water while doing an ocean swim this morning from Bondi to Tamarama.

“It was probably around 8.15am so they were keen.

“I see lots of wildlife in the water around there – but never up on the cliffs,” he laughed.

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Although Scott’s post was quickly removed by the social media platform because of its steamy content, locals still had the chance to joke about the mischievous antics.

“Holyyyyyyyy crap. Those people above had no idea what they were missing out on,” wrote one.

Whilst another joked: “When she says, ‘Let's go for a coastal walk’…”

Another defended the couple and said the act could be counted as within lockdown rules: “It's cardio and also improves your mental health,” they pointed out.

“Eastern suburbia is something else,' said a fourth social media user.

It comes just weeks after a local Facebook group in the UK was sent into meltdown when a bloke's quest to call out a raunchy couple for getting it on in a train station bin shed didn't go to plan.

After taking a picture of the behaviour and posting it to the site, the fuming man was slammed as a voyeur online and accused of having boring sex by the shameless romantics in the bin shed.

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