Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Reporter quits live segment after finding out house is being broken into on-air

A TV reporter cut short a live broadcast after learning his home was being burgled as he went on air.

Argentinian Alejandro Pueblas was supposed to update a studio presenter on his search for a dog called Lucho who had disappeared in August.

But instead viewers watched the anguished journalist telling his TV bosses he would have to drop his microphone and rush back to his house because it was being broken into.

Alejandro, who works for news channel Cronica HD and was reporting live from a city in the province of Buenos Aires called Florencia Varela, said: “They’ve just broken into my house.

“They told me they broke a window. Sorry but I’ve got to go. I’ve got people inside my home. They’re tearing it apart.”

As studio presenter Esteban Trebucq urged Alejandro to talk to colleagues privately to see if there was anything they could do to help and he began to walk off with his back to the camera, he turned round to shout out his address live on TV and beg: “I need a police car sent there urgently.”

Apologising once again for not being able to continue his search for the dog, he added: “Really sorry about the dog.”

Just over an hour later the burglary victim agreed to pick up his microphone again – this time outside his ransacked home in Los Hornos on the outskirts of the city La Plata 30 miles south-east – to show the damage the intruder had done.

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He told viewers used to hearing his live reports about other people falling victim to the daily crimes afflicting Argentinians, as he confessed his partner’s life savings had been taken: “I was always joking I’d be telling my own story one day but I never imagined something like this would actually happen to me.

“This happens to so many Argentinians. They return home and see someone has done this to them.”

Showing where the intruder had broken a window blind and an upstairs window and forced his way in, he added as he fought back tears: “This occurred in a central city in Los Hornos. This is my house. I came home and found this.

“Money has disappeared, the TV’s been pulled out of its socket, things belonging to my daughter have been taken.

“The bedroom looks like a bomb’s gone off in it.

“Luckily my daughter wasn’t in at the time and was with her mum.

“Being at work and learning live on TV that someone’s broken into your house you feel violated.”

No arrests have yet been made but police are understood to have CCTV footage of the man responsible.

Alejandro’s work colleagues are now organising a fundraiser so they can help him replace some of the items that were stolen.

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