Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

Royal-mad Brits get boozy in chaotic first night of Platinum Jubilee weekend

Royalists and republicans alike took advantage of the special Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday as raucous celebrations stretched well into the early hours.

Revellers toasted Her Majesty as they gathered in gardens, fields, bars and the often streets outside bars to dance the night away as Jubilee celebrations got into full swing.

Revellers in packed-out pubs and bars across the country were pictured raising a glass – or two – to the Her Majesty.

Virtually every person in every pub seemed to have a Union Flag to wave – one particularly patriotic person went with an entire Union Jack suit to leave no question about where his loyalties lay.

Every scrap of bunting in the country was pressed into service, and almost every pub took advantage of the special opening hours.

Well into the night, people were enjoying themselves inside, and very often outside, pubs and bars.

At street parties and beacon-lighting ceremonies across the country, people drank, sang, and tucked into barbecues and hog-roasts.

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The streets of Soho, in the heart of London, were lined with drinkers and Ripe in East Sussex was just one of hundreds of villages that celebrated with an open-air party.

Everywhere you looked, it seemed, someone was enjoying the day. James Heale tweeted: “Horse Guards Parade. Man singing lustily in an England ‘96 shirt, six pack in one hand, fag in another. Union Jack billowing behind him, Tesco crown on his head. The lion roars”.

In fact, some people appeared to be enjoying themselves a little too much.

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Elsewhere on Twitter, Mel Gifford observed: “Husband has just seen four men doing a line of coke OUTSIDE some toilets at 9.30 am in Doncaster. Happy Platty Joobs peeps.”

The fun didn’t stop there. Unseasonably warm weather saw many revellers back out for an early pub lunch.

Crowds gathered outside St Paul’s Cathedral for the Platinum Thanksgiving Service gave a warm welcome to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, although Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie got a rougher ride – arriving to a chorus of boing from the staunchly royalist crowd.

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If you’re planning on a a street celebration of your own, there are a few guidelines to remember.

The Drinkaware website says people over 18 can drink in public in England and Wales, except in areas where Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) are in place.

A PSPO is a special decree that gives police the power to stop people drinking in certain areas, and they can confiscate their alcohol if they are caught doing so.

Your local council should have a list of PSPOs in place locally on its website. If underage drinkers are found to be drinking in public anywhere the police can confiscate the drink and issue fines.

However things changed in Scotland where each local council has its own set of by-laws stating where you can and can't drink in public places.

But lots of councils, including some in Glasgow, ban alcohol consumption or carrying an open container of alcohol in public places.

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