Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Russia closes its borders so draft dodgers can’t escape Putin’s bloody battles

Panicking Russian President Vladimir Putin is closing his country's borders to those fleeing because they fear being called up to the army to fight his ever-failing war in Ukraine.

It was revealed last month that Putin had signed a decree calling up another 147,000 more troops to his depleted army, with call-ups starting on April 1.

In more-than a year since Putin first demanded his troops set foot into Ukraine, he has lost around 723,000 troops.

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Roughly 541,000 of those are men injured so badly that they are unable to return to the front line, while Russia has seen more than 182,000 troops killed in action.

According to Ukraine's special forces, Putin has burned through 80.4% of the 900,000 soldiers he originally had at his disposal.

And having attempted to call up 147,000 more, it now appears that the despot is going to extreme measures to stop people leaving the country.

According to anti-Kremlin Russian news outlet Meduza, all new call ups are being done digitally – which makes blocking their exit from the country easier.

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They said: “The legislation lays the groundwork for the creation of a digital registry of draft-eligible citizens and eliminates the requirement that a military summons be served in person, making it legal to issue draft orders online or by registered mail instead.

“It also deprives draft dodgers of numerous rights, making it illegal for them to leave the country, drive a car, buy property, and take out loans."

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The Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, while not confirming the block, did say that this was their way of “refining the military registration system”.

He also confirmed that this is a one-time only set of call ups, adding; “There will be no second wave.”

This does add fuel to the fire that Putin is once again certain of victory, as predicted by several top Russian psychics in recent months.

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