Monday, 15 Aug 2022

SAS troops fool Taliban by disguising as ‘devout’ women in burqas in dramatic Kabul escape

Abandoned US weapons to allow Taliban to 'rule with iron fist'

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Around 20 special forces troops were forced to travel hundreds of miles to escape the country which has since fallen into the Taliban’s control once again. The troops had been on a mission in southern Afghanistan and were warned that no helicopters were available to evacuate them out of the country.

The troops reportedly devised a cunning plan to escape by waving Taliban flags on their way to the capital of Kabul.

Once in the capital the troops donned burqas to hide in plain sight.

A source told the Daily Star: “The SAS team had been in Afghanistan for months and had been on a secret reconnaissance mission when everything went belly-up.

“They were told to abort the ­operation and to get ready for an immediate extraction to Kabul.

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“The troops ditched most of their equipment except for their weapons and ammo and covered themselves with the burqas.

“They then bought five taxis and drove to Kabul.

“Every time they came to a road block an Afghan special forces soldier explained that the women were very devout and wanted to welcome the Taliban back into Afghanistan. 

“It worked.

“There were a few dicey ­moments but even the Taliban were reluctant to remove a burqa from a woman.”

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The last UK troops officially evacuated Kabul one week ago, bringing the two decade military involvement to an end.

Since August 14, more than 15,000 people have been evacuated by British troops marking one of the largest airlifts in military history.

According to Downing Street, 2,000 evacuees are children, with the youngest just a day old.

Around 5,000 UK nationals have been evacuated from Kabul along with 8,000 Afghans formerly employed by the UK and their families.

Those considered at risk from the Taliban were also evacuated.

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