Friday, 29 Sep 2023

Selkirk looking to give iconic community water tower a facelift

It’s already the most prominent part of Selkirk’s skyline, but the Manitoba city’s mayor is hoping to make the iconic water tower stand out even more.

Selkirk is putting out a request for proposals to give the water tower a facelift and is calling on local artists to submit their design ideas.

“It’s a real landmark for us. It’s iconic. It’s been used in a lot of movies, it’s been used in a lot of series that have been shot out here,” said Mayor Larry Johannson.

“It’s still very functional. We use it, and it’s a valuable asset for the community, however it’s showing a bit of wear and tear.

“We decided this year we’re going to put money in the budget and we’re going to spruce it up.”

The tower — built in 1961 to replace a previous structure that was erected in the early 1900s — stands about 40 metres tall and has a maximum capacity of 946,000 litres of water.

“In Selkirk, whenever we’re doing a project, whenever we’re looking at a development, something that’s for the community … we always involve the community, and it’s going to be no different on this project,” said Johannson.

“This is something that could speak volumes to Selkrik’s past.

“We’ve had a strong fishing community here … the steel industry here is very strong also, that’s been the backbone of our community. We have a lot of good partnerships with the Indigenous (people), and maybe something to the future.”

Artists have until March 25 to submit their design ideas via the City of Selkirk’s website.

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