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Serial killer ‘vampire’ who slept with animals has mummified head put on display

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A serial killer who drank the blood of his victims after he brutally murdered them, now has his mummified head on display at an attraction.

Born in Germany on May 26, Peter Kürten grew up with sadistic tendencies and by the age of nine, he had formed a strange relationship with a dog-catcher who introduced him to practising bestiality on dogs before he later had sex with various farm animals.

At the age of 48-years-old, he confessed to 70 crimes which consisted of rapes, murders and arson against women and girls as little as four-years-old.

The killer, who was dubbed 'The Vampire of Dusseldorf', claimed that he would become aroused at the sight of blood and said he would bludgeon his victims until he reached orgasm.

Throughout his life, he was in and out of prison for various crimes such as being jailed twice for arson, robbery, fraud and more, which is when he would commit murder.

Christine Klein, 9, was identified as his first confirmed murder after he strangled her and slashed her throat with a pocket knife when he broke into a home.

It was reported that he sickeningly visited her grave so he could pleasure himself over it, reports Daily Mail.

Just months later, Kürten mirrored the crime by killing Gertrud Franken, 17, before he was jailed for a string of burglaries and arsons.

He was released in 1921 and then launched a rampage of terror among men, women and girls, whom he stabbed, strangled and then bludgeoned with a hammer.

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For Kürten, the sight of blood was enough, which meant some of his victims were able to escape as he was already satisfied.

It was reported that he killed two sisters aged five and 14 and stabbed the older girl before latching his teeth onto her throat and sucking her blood.

He was finally caught for his crimes after he made a mistake with one of his victims named Maria Büdlick, 20, on May 14, 1930.

The killer let her go after he raped and choked her. She promised him that she couldn't remember his home address which she later revealed to the police.

Kürten was in love with his wife, who had no idea about his double life, so decided to confess to her and hatched a plan for her to receive his wanted reward money, by persuading her to hand him in.

He confessed to all of the murders but pleaded insanity at the trial. His detailed interviews with psychologist Karl Berg were shared in a book called The Sadist.

The vampire was convicted of nine murders and seven attempted murders and was executed on July 2, 1931.

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It was reported that his last meal was revealed to be sausages, fried potatoes and two bottles of wine.

Before he was executed, he asked: "Tell me… after my head is chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck?

"That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures."

His crimes were so horrific that doctors desperately cut open his head to find out what caused his depraved actions.

Now, his mummified head can be found on display at Ripley's Believe It Or Not in Wisconsin, United States.

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