Sunday, 29 Jan 2023

Severed head crammed inside cooler outside courthouse is suspected cartel attack

A severed head has been found crammed into a bloodied cooler outside of a courthouse after a suspected cartel attack.

Investigating officials discovered a man's head crammed into a cooler outside the La Mesa courthouse in Tijuana, Mexico, officials have reported.

The grim cooler was found at around 6.40am after reports made to the authorities prompted an investigation of the courthouse, where a severed head in a red cloth bag was discovered.

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The sickening discovery prompted a second find later in the day, with a headless corpse found just a few hours later at 10.40am.

Said victim was identified as Marco Antonio Montor Estrada, who witnesses and those from the area claimed had lived with his grandmother in a home close to the area.

The prosecutor's office has confirmed the severed head found in the courthouse cooler and the body found in a house on Cañón Johnsito street are a match.

It comes as worries of cartel involvement in Mexico rise, with a back and forth between warring factions and gangland officials raging on.

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Daily Star previously reported a horrifying drug cartel assassin who found himself lynched from a tree during the World Cup match between Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

Crowds filled with vigilantes approached the drug cartel hitman and shot him several times for his involvement in the murder of a local politician.

Neighbours helped the assassin to a hospital following the horrifying attack, but the unnamed man died after suffering an attack at the hands of a furious vigilante group.

The man was shot and hanged in a disturbing moment caught on camera, with the hitman confessing he had received a payment of 10,000 pesos (£425) to carry out the murder of the politician.

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