Saturday, 17 Apr 2021

Sheep with huge ‘moving’ fleece filled with insects rescued as 35kg coat cut off

A sheep weighed down by a massive coat of wool was rescued and sheared – as volunteers tore off 35kg from his fleece.

The animal, called Baarack, had been growing his coat out for around five years.

Volunteers found him wandering alone in bushland in Victoria, Australia, and his coat was filled with sticks, twigs and insects.

Baarack had survived by eating shoots of grass and patching his thirst with puddles of water.

It took volunteers almost an hour to have the fleece shorn off, with Baarack now recovering at animal sanctuary Edgar’s Mission.

It posted on Facebook: ”Many people do not realise that wool can easily morph into a cumbersome fleece that continues to grow throughout the life of a sheep.

"The wild mouflon, from whom sheep are descended, had a naturally shedding, oft-times multi-coloured (great for camouflage) fleece.

"This fleece grew and then shed according to the season – a great evolutionary adaption which served them well.

"Then came domestication, and through selective breeding by humans, there are now many breeds of sheep who require annual shearing to ensure a good standard of welfare for these animals.

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"Failure to do so results in sheep living at a great disadvantage, with often life-threatening consequences.

"But Baarack knew none of this, for all he wanted to do was live. And, seizing each moment, he did.

Now the coat has gone, Baarack has only got to contend with a few shearing nicks and an ulcer.

Edgar’s Mission added: “This will heal – and Baarack can now see the world more clearly."

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To follow Baarack's progress and recovery, visit or Edgar's Mission on Facebook.

Earlier this month, a heroic dog owner dived into an icy lake to rescue his stranded puppy.

The dog, believed to be a poodle, was happily chasing a duck in Victoria Park, East London, on February 20.

But disaster struck as the petrified pooch fell through the ice into the freezing cold lake.

Thankfully, the dog’s quick-thinking owner was on hand to save the day, diving into the water and punching through blocks of ice to get to the pup.

The puppy was heard crying as it struggled to stay afloat.

But it was in safe hands as the owner brought him back to dry land, with several witnesses applauding and cheering the heroic act.

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