Monday, 6 Dec 2021

Shoppers moan that Walkers crisp shortage is ‘worse than petrol crisis’

Shoppers have complained that the lack of Walkers crisps at supermarkets is "worse than the petrol shortage crisis".

Walkers blame an IT system upgrade as the cause of the issues, which have led to a lack of availability of some of its most popular products.

It is understood that Pepsico, which owns Walkers, asked stores to remove promotions last month in a bid to avoid shortages, but shoppers have noticed the still noticed the scarcity on the shelves, The Sun reports.

Crisp lovers across the nation have taken to Twitter to voice their concern at the lack of crisps, with some even going so far as to compare the inconvenience to that of the petrol crisis seen in September.

One tweeted: "Please do not tell me there is going to be a crisp shortage, this would affect me far more than petrol!"

Another said: "Never mind petrol… Never mind Christmas turkeys… Never mind pigs in blankets… Tesco has a crisp shortage!"

A third asked the question: "I certainly don’t want popcorn with a sandwich, is this a national crisp shortage then?"

Another social media user tweeted: "There’s an actual Crisp Shortage! Limited to four packs per customer, the question I have to ask myself is…who on earth buys more than four packs at a time anyway, who are these people."

Empty shelves have been seen at numerous supermarkets in recent weeks, with a lack of lorry drivers the main cause of shortages and delivery delays much like the cause of the petrol shortages previously.

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In the meantime, retailers are also going on a Christmas hiring spree to make sure there are enough staff to keep shelves stocked over the festive period.

According to The Sun, six packs of Walkers crisps were marked as unavailable on the Tesco website at the end of last month, including popular flavours Salt & Vinegar, Ready Salted and Cheese & Onion.

On the Ocado website, six-packs of Prawn Cocktail, Smoky Bacon and Flamin’ Hot crisps were among those out of stock.

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At Morrisons, Walkers French Fries, Wotsits, and Salt & Shake were among the items unavailable to shoppers at the time, while at Asda, Ready Salted multi-packs were unavailable.

A Walkers spokesperson previously said: “We are experiencing disruption to the supply of some of our Walkers snacks products, as a result of a recent IT system upgrade.

"We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and would like to reassure everyone that we are working round the clock to increase supply as soon as possible.”

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Walkers has now assured customers that the problems have been fixed, but it could be a while before the crisps make their way back to shelves as production has now run behind in schedule.

The crisp company has also assured that production is being ramped up of their most most popular crisp flavours including Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar.

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