Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021

Sick video shows man drinking Whiskey through twitching fish’s lips

A man has caused outrage after viral video showed him drinking Whiskey through a dead fish.

The man was out with his friend on a fishing trip and celebrated their catch of the day in a stomach-churning clip which horrified many viewers.

In the footage first posted on TikTok, a man is shown placing a can of Bourbon inside a dead fish's gill.

He then opens the fish's mouth and drinks the alcohol from it.

A man is heard cheering while the cameraman says: "This is called the fishy."

While he pours the Bourbon down to his throat, brown liquid can be seen spilling down his topless chest along with the alcohol.

The dead fish can be seen twitching when he holds onto it by both hands.

Since the video was posted a week ago it has racked up more than 540,000 views.

Many who watched the clip slammed for the man's act and called it "disgusting" and "cruel".

One said: "That is just vile, why would you want to do that?"

Another commented: "That's cruel it's still moving."

"Horribly disrespectful," a third wrote, with a fourth adding: "Wait until he goes to the toilet with all the parasites. Disgusting."

Australian MP Emma Hurst for Animal Justice Party told Yahoo Australia News that the clip showed a "tremendous lack of respect for animals".

She said: "It speaks volumes that people get a thrill out of mocking the death of an animal.

"Sure the animal in that particular instance probably didn’t feel any pain, but we also need to respect that there’s sadness in death, not humour in death.

"That’s what makes this such sick behaviour. Nobody would find it hilarious if that was a dead dog, we’d find it highly disrespectful."

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