Friday, 30 Jul 2021

‘Sidewalk etiquette’: British Columbians grapple with physical distancing amid COVID-19

It wasn’t long ago that British Columbians could walk freely down a crowded sidewalk with no mask and no fear of their neighbours.

But COVID-19 has changed that reality, as strict physical-distancing rules have been implemented province-wide.

British Columbians have been asked to avoid all non-essential travel, forego visits with people they don’t live with, and keep two metres apart in public places.

Health officials have said the “new normal” is likely to remain in place for months.

So what does that mean for pedestrians sharing a sidewalk? And when the restrictions are lifted, how quickly will B.C. be able to return to the way things were?

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Global News’ Squire Barnes digs in to “sidewalk etiquette” during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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