Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Simple numbers challenge that uses just one line leaves people baffled

Engineers have been left stumped trying to answer a maths problem posed by drawing just one line.

TikTok user Karingendi shared a clip where three of her work colleagues were challenged to solve the riddle, which has racked up more than 39 million views.

For the challenge, she wrote down the number 100 stacked on top of another 100 saying that if they manage to solve it she'll "give them whatever they want".

Given only three minutes to solve the brain teaser, the engineers thought hard about the question, even looking at the paper from different angles.

One even accused the woman of writing the question wrong. But ultimately, they appeared to be unable to solve the sum using a single line as they demand more time.

The video has gained more than 17,000 comments as thousands of people were left stumped, while a worrying number also failed to grasp the concept of only using one line.

Thankfully, with seconds to spare, one of the engineers finds the answer she was hoping for by removing the mathematical logic altogether.

He simply puts a line through the first one to change it from a 1 into a T, so the problem instead reads Too 100.

Some people were relieved to finally have an answer to the problem, as one person commented to say: "He got it. You could see the light bulb go pff."

And the penny dropped for another viewer, who wrote: "OHHH YOU PUT A LINE OVER THE 1ST ONE TO MAKE IT 'TOO 100'."

But not everyone was satisfied with the answer, as a third argued: "Making the top 1 into a T makes 'too 1 hundred' not 'too hundred' there's no correct answer, it's BS."

And someone else joked: "She's not replying because she knew she did it wrong."

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